Tropical Mango #5

If you want an exotic mango experience, Vapepro Tropical Mango is a combination of captivating sweet and juicy notes that will transport you to the tropics. Tempt your taste buds and enjoy every bite.

Stylish, sleek and easy to use, the Vapepro is a pre-loaded liquid hookah powered by a lithium-ion battery and controlled only by the airflow when pulling. No charging, no refills, no stress!

Vapepro is your first step towards finding a great and harmless substitute for smoking. Replace unpleasant odors, harmful smoke and tars with aromatic steam and incredible taste.

Vapepro gives you a much better feeling than standard smoking – with a new luxury design accompanied by amazing taste.

икона за брой дръпки

Number of pulls

800 pulls

икона за брой цигари

Number of cigarettes

60 cigarettes

икона за еднократна упортреба

Nicotine content

20 mg/ml

vapepro - електронна цигара
икона за вид на вкуса

Number of flavors

12 flavors

икона за рециклиране


No charging, no refills, no stress!

икона за съдържание на никотин


Protect nature

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